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It’s a well-known fact that Florida is a large hub for geek culture. Luckily for central Floridians, there are sites like Geek Generation – Orlando that bring you all the latest updates on the central Florida geek scene. The man behind the site, Grand Owl, is completely dedicated to helping you find new events and connections in your own back yard.

Although there are tons of online communities for geeks, getting out and interacting with people in the Orlando and surrounding areas opens up a new list of entertainment options. Whether you’re looking for partners for table-top gaming or you want to check out a show from a local nerd band, you can find the hookups you need on Generation Geek – Orlando.

Although Grand Owl does an amazing job of rounding up local info and features for the benefit of his readers, the site flourishes even more from the help and participation of local geeks. If you’re a central Floridian who wants to promote his or her shop, club, gaming league, band, podcast, or any other type of event, help grow your numbers by getting in touch with Grand Owl.

In addition to area event features, you’ll also find lots of editorial articles and news on Geek Generation – Orlando, which makes it an essential site to follow for both entertainment and essential geeky information.

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