Slacker and the Man

If you’re easily offended (or dare I say offendable at all), there’s nothing for you to see here. Move along and search for some other PG-rated podcast.

This show is hosted by a bunch of creepers, who operate under the pseudonyms The Man and Dobbs. In any given episode, you may hear any of the following words:

  • Turd cutter
  • Rubber butthole
  • Horse creampies
  • Mashers
  • Butthole fleshlight
  • Semen cookbook
  • Michael Clark Dilder
  • And much… much… more…

Although these words may slip through the hosts’ vocabulary from time to time, there is much more to the show than shock value. Each show features discussions and debates on geeky topics, including superheros/comic books, movies, video games, and other geeky pop culture subjects.

Although you’ll find lots of podcasts out there that cover these same areas, Slacker and the Man gives listeners more to digest than just discussion. Many episodes feature random stunts, cast-member punishments, in-show games, and more.

Despite the crudeness of the show’s topics, all of the hosts are intelligent guys who know how to carry a good conversation. They’re kind of like smart, paraplegic strippers – they can entertain you with witty banter, all while grossing you out and turning you on at the same time.

As an added bonus, listeners can watch the show broadcast live on Slacker and the Man’s Stickam channel every Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST. After the show is over, the hosts stick around for an “after show,” which somehow manages to be more vulgar than the actual podcast.

Listen to it now, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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